Riyad Ghosheh

Riyad told me that since he was five years old his mother used to show his drawings to his uncles, and how he feels when they say “wow Riyad this is great drawings”, this is the “wow” which makes him learn and try more to discover his graphic design talent which become his profession and carrier.

Hearing the “wow” from his clients was his goal, and if his art didn’t “wow” them he reinvents his work till they reward him with the “wow”…. Read more


Badira Farrah

When we met, I quickly learned that Badira had a keen eye for color, antiques, and handmade arts. Naturally, she became my right hand and consultant during my career as a graphic designer and photographer. At the time, little did I know that her talent was only scratching the surface! Throughout the years, she has worked to perfect her craft. She’s mastered an array of artistic tools and mediums, ranging from embroidery, ceramic, wood, tiles, water colors, oils, to acrylic. But despite the variety in her methods, … Read More


Shermeen Sidiki

I love movement in a drawing that captures ones eye leading to an opening in order to breathe. Each of my drawing lives with me and becomes an extension of who I am. As people watch my drawings, I love to watch their eyes as they follow along the art and then light up with a smile!  My initial tools are the compass and the ruler. I first start with a heavy tessellated geometric pattern and then add Arabesque florals and Illumination. Once the design is completed I use my favorite medium, pastels, to add fun and color… Read More


Noor Saadeh

Noor Saadeh, along with her husband Ammar, are owners of NoorArt, Inc., a worldwide producer and distributor of multi-media educational products. A former concert and opera singer performing in New York City and abroad, Noor turned her talents to writing songs and stories for Muslim children growing up in the West… Read More


Salma Aziz

As an artist, I constantly look for new avenues and explore the various forms of art, the media and new techniques to create something unique. I experimented with various medias like oil / acrylic on canvas, water colors, pyrography, collage and so on. My goal is to convey my perceived message from the nature to the world. Nature constantly communicates to the human kind.  It teaches the harmony, togetherness, kindness, love, peaceful living and much more. We need to understand the language of the nature. I try my best to understand the same and try to express it through my art.. Read More


Fatin Qutub

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Raised to be proud of my Deen at a time when the media was just beginning to portray Islam and Muslims in a negative light. I was a minority in a city where the majority were Mormons trying to find happiness and a passion at something that would elevate my image of myself and my beliefs. I found art as my calling, a beckoning. My art was self-taught and I flourished… Read More


Laila Rumsey

I’ve spent most of my life as an academic and a teacher, globetrotting around the world, but only fairly recently did I renew my interest to express myself artistically. I have always been in love with stained glass. It’s something I grew up with, and one of the many things that I love about the ancient places of worship around the world, including mosques, that I have been blessed to visit. After my return to the States, I took advantage of an opportunity that I chanced upon in an online, classified site to try my hand at making my own pieces of stained glass art… Read More



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