Salma Aziz

Salma Aziz

As an artist, I constantly look for new avenues and explore the various forms of art, the media and new techniques to create something unique. I experimented with various medias like oil / acrylic on canvas, water colors, pyrography, collage and so on. My goal is to convey my perceived message from the nature to the world. Nature constantly communicates to the human kind.  It teaches the harmony, togetherness, kindness, love, peaceful living and much more. We need to understand the language of the nature. I try my best to understand the same and try to express it through my art.

I have formal studies of art and received a bachelor’s degree in the fine arts (BFA). However, getting a mere degree in art doesn’t make one an artist. So, my constant journey started to become an artist. Though after marriage, it was little difficult to keep the balance between family life and my ambitious journey of becoming an artist, I was always able to experiment and create my artworks. At times, I had to take short breaks from my artworld to take care of children. I experimented with various styles of art like landscapes, figurative, postmodernism, abstract expressionism, and decorative styles. I became really fascinated with post-impressionism art and hence one can see some influences from popular post-impressionist artists in my pieces.

Though I also primarily love to work with media oil on canvases, I have also been experimenting with other medias such as acrylic, watercolor, collages, wood carving, and other mixed medias. I aim to have my diverse range of art pieces to create a positive impact on the world. I want my pieces to portray a positive vibe to the community and to the viewers’ minds. I strongly believe that my artworks can help to create a kind, harmonious and peaceful society.


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