Rabia Bashri

I loved arts and crafts since my childhood. I have received a first place award for a craft and creativity competition in my elementary school. In high school, I have taken three art classes where passion for art has grown more than before. During high school, my art works have been in several juried art exhibitions, and I have received some awards too. My art teacher loved one of my art piece so much that she has purchased it! When I was studying in the University of North Texas (UNT), I have organized UNT’s first Islamic Art Exhibition where several of my art works have been shown even though I was not studying fine art. My love for my deen and art have inspired me to take on this project. I have taken a long break for my family, but I am back! I have donated several of my paintings to many organizations for their fundraisings such as Frisco Masjid, Watauga Masjid, Dar-Un-Noor Masjid, and Bayt-Al-Karim. I have participated in the 3rd Annual Islamic Art Festival in 2019. My paintings were exhibited in the Ibrahimi Masjid (IATC), Dar-Un-Masjid, and Watauga Masjid. I love nature; I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my piece are directly influence by these hikes in nature. Nature has healing power; Allah swt shows kindness, peace and love through nature, so we can live in harmony. I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, glitter, clay, water color, pastels, and more. I am open to learning new techniques and new mediums, and improving my skills. ”




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