Moina Sajjad

Moina Sajjad began her artistic journey in Dhaka, Bangladesh where she had the opportunity to learn fine arts from the artist Syful Islam. Moina is passionate about her art and loves creating unique, beautiful paintings that are bright and eye-catching. She feels that in our lives, we can be inspired by even the littlest things around us-both emotionally and spiritually.
Everything and anything can spark inspiration. Moina is a loving mother of three daughters, who have all been inspired by her to express themselves through art as well. Moina was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She moved to United States in 1999.
Moina mainly uses Resin, acrylic,Oil and mixed mediums to create her paintings. She paints abstract, calligraphy, landscapes, resin, and many more styles of art. Moina has participated in an exhibition at the Islamic center of Irving in April 2017, which had been a successful and positive experience for the Artist. September 2017 she displayed her artwork at the Muslim American Society center for the community to enjoy.
In 2018, Moina had her artwork showcased in the Wylie Art Gallery. She had sold her paintings here and caught the attention of many locals. Moina participated in a week long course to enhance her calligraphy skills and learned along side from world renowned artist Haaji Noor Deen. April 2018, Moina had a few of her artworks displayed at the Plano Courtyard Theater for Asia Art Exhibition. In October 2018 Moina’ s painting “Serenity” won an award during RCAS members show.

Moina ‘s Inspiration is all about when “Inspiration meets creativity”. It is about finding what inspires Moina and bringing it to life through the art that she devotedly creates. http://www.moinasinspiration.com


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