Fatin Qutub

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Raised to be proud of my Deen at a time when the media was just beginning to portray Islam and Muslims in a negative light. I was a minority in a city where the majority were Mormons trying to find happiness and a passion at something that would elevate my image of myself and my beliefs. I found art as my calling, a beckoning. My art was self-taught and I flourished. However, I had to put down my brushes and story away my paints when motherhood came knocking on my door. For 15 years my art supplies had not seen the light of day- until recently. The floodgates of my yearning for the arts have been opened, my paintbrush is raised, my canvas is empty and I am ready to show the world my gift in which Allah (SWT) has given me.


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